Work packages

Work package WP1. Management

Package of management activities will assure adequate and effective project management and coordination which will result in achieving set indicators of the project, realizing planned activities and results. All of the partners of the projects will employ needed project personnel, including coordinators, financers, scientists, administrators, social workers, medical staff, which in turn will assure completion of planned activities of the project. During the project there will be no less than 4 work meetings amongst partners in Latvia and Lithuania. All of the partners will prepare 4 stage progress reports of activities, while the leading partner will systematize the information and provide general progress reports of the project.

Work package WP2. Development new smart social services and training

The joint competence center will be established during the project which will accumulate knowledge and competences need for developing tools and services needed to solve social separation of the elderly by implementing technological innovations in everyday people’s lives. A new smart health care methodic will be developed by implementing IRT tools in context of e-healthcare service provision. Pilot attempts of newly created electronic services will be tested and fully realized in Klaipeda care house and Ventspils city social department. Partners of the project will enrich their knowledge in fields of IRT and e-healthcare service provision by organizing mutual training courses, by collaborating and sharing good-practices.

Work package WP3. Development of infrastructure

This work package concerns investments in infrastructure of smart social service development. Partners of the project will acquire the needed equipment including new real-time physiological data collection and localization equipment, sensor data transmission and storage equipment, multi-sensorial room add-ons, a specialized vehicle and other technical equipment.

Work package WP4. Dissemination

This is a crucial work package for successful implementation of the project since the results of the project are provided for the general public and other interested people. Firstly, plan of communication strategy is prepared which in turn will be basis for all the dissemination of the project’s activities. Project’s website is selected as the main communication channel of the project. Results, publication, documents, photos and other materials of the project are publicized in this website. The press of Lithuania and Latvia will also disseminate the project to provide for even wider audience. Posters informing the project are hung in the partner institutions.